Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cambodian Caught Selling Yah Bah

On Wednesday night (1st), a team of Banglamung policeSuppression Team of set up a plan to catch a Yah Bah agent after being informed that a Cambodian clothes vendor now changed his career to sell Yah Bah instead and his main target customers were teenagers.

Mr. Suton or Ton aged 18 from Cambodia was the target which the plan set at the front area of Pattaya Apartment located on top of Soi Siam Country Club. The police spy contacted Mr. Suton to deliver Yah Bah at the set up a place to which he would deliver the drugs.

The police then approached him and searched him. Five tablets of Yah Bah were found on him including one bag of Yah Ice. He was arrested immediately and he confessed that he entered the country illegally and started working in a CD store before changing to working in a clothes store. The money was not enough, so he decided to become a Yah Bah agent as he has used it himself anyway. He was sent for legal proceedings and further investigations for the police to be able to track down his associates.


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