Monday, December 27, 2010

A letter from a Khmer student in Thailand to World Khmer Radio about Khmer school in Surin

Mr. Seng Rathanin, a Khmer student in Thailand who is teaching Khmer language to Khmer Surin and Khmer Buriram, has written a letter to World Khmer Radio about the wonderful success of his group in teaching Khmer language to indigenous Khmer children in Thailand.

Here a is translation of part of his letter to World Khmer Radio:

"From the broadcast by your radio, we come to know that Mr. San Suwit (one of the broadcasters) is visiting Thailand, so this is a good occasion for us to invite him to visit Buddhist temples, schools, universities in Surin and Buriram provinces where we have volunteered to teach to revive the Khmer language and we have achieved a wonderful result. We especially wanted to invite him (San Suwit) to visit the Patriarch Foundation in Svay village to help re-open the Khmer class rooms because all the class rooms in the village were closed since 6th November 2010 as demanded by Mr. Chey Mongkol and a number of Khmer expatriates from overseas through your radio which required Mr. Moeung Sonn to abandon his assistance by allowing Mr. Chey Mongkol to manage the class rooms by himself. But since we handed over the class rooms to him, there were not any single teacher coming to teach at the school which led to more than 30 monks, old and young people unable to continue their studies of the Khmer language.

We regret that a huge sum of Mr. Moeung Sonn's money and the great efforts of the Khmer university students have been wasted."

Please read the attached letter in Khmer for full details.


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