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Soy Sopheap’s snitching reveals dirty politics: The royals are much involved in politics, Kem Sokha’s wavering position and Ranariddh’s subservience t

In spite of their denials, the royals are still very much involved in the royalist parties and Cambodia politics?

Left to Right: Hun Xen - Ranariddh - Kem Sokha

09 Dec 2010
KI-Media Editorial

Excerpt from Soy Sopheap's snitching report to Hun Xen
A- The prince [Ranariddh] would like to receive Samdach’s [Hun Xen] opinion as he wants to return to politics with the aim of gathering royalist supporters in order to unite with Samdach in the government following the 2013 election, based on Samdach’s unification plan.
B- The prince said that Mr. Kem Sokha met him in person and promised to unite with the prince, he told the prince that he has no plan to form an alliance with Sam Rainsy because Sam Rainsy cannot move forward.
C- The prince will not lead the Funcinpec-Nationalist Party alliance, even King-Father [Sihanouk] and Queen-Mother [Monineath Sihanouk] do not agree about that (the prince learned about this through sources closed to the two royals).
D- The prince will decide to use the Norodom Ranariddh Party instead for this problem. The two royals [Sihanouk and Monineath Sihanouk] are pleased with that, and the lower party members will support as well, and the party will be opened to members from both parties to join in (for this case, [the prince] asks to obtain Samdach’s opinion.
E- The reason [for the prince] not to lead the Funcinpec-Nationalist Party alliance, because [this alliance] has no popularity left.
F- The evaluation reveals that, if the royalists can be gathered, [the prince] could obtain 8 to 10 seats [at the National Assembly] and the SRP will see a decreasing number of seats.
It is quite interesting to read Soy Sopheap’s snitching report to Hun Xen based on his meeting with Prince Ranariddh. We are also quite amazed by the candid revelations made by Soy Sopheap. If his allegations are true, he is essentially accusing King-Father Sihanouk and Queen-Mother Monineath Sihanouk of direct involvement in politics – a No-No in Cambodia – especially their behind-the-scene manipulation and influence on the royalist parties. We are in fact surprised that the royal palace did not issue any denial to Mr. Soy Sopheap’s report, nor does it plan to sue Mr. Soy Sopheap for potential defamation and disinformation. But, as we all know, such lawsuit will entail bringing Prince Ranariddh to the forefront and forcing him to confess that he was the one who revealed his parents’ dirty secrets.

Among the dirty tidbits revealed by Soy Sopheap, is the indication that Mr. Kem Sokha would be willing to jump in bed with a new political coalition partner to reach new political climax, as well as his willingness to ditch the SRP at the first opportunity. With such mentality, can anybody trust Mr. Kem Sokha’s political sincerity? Mr. Kem Sokha’s suicidal approach stresses his lack of political judgment, especially with his willingness to ally with a partner whose political future is dim at best.

Even though the election campaign for the 2013 general election has not even started yet, it is quite clear from Soy Sopheap’s revelations, that the number of seats at the National Assembly is already pre-determined, a clear indication that the voting in Cambodia is merely a rigging exercise to hide the cracked façade of Hun Xen’s make-believe democracy.

Nevertheless, one constant parameter that all Cambodians already know about is the fact that Ranariddh is nothing more than a willing pawn for Hun Xen. Blames for the demise of the royalist party must be squarely shouldered by this incompetent prince who is more interested in power than the future of his country and his people. The prince should be ashamed of himself and his credibility is now at sub-zero level.


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