Friday, January 28, 2011

Cambodian Ministry of Defense sends tanks to the border again

(Photo: Reuters)
28 January 2011
By Serey
Cambodia Express News
Translated from Khmer by Soch

Phnom Penh – The Cambodian Ministry of Defense (MoD) had dispatched tanks to the border in what seems due to threat from Thailand.

A high-ranking official of the MoD claimed on 28 Jan morning that a number of tanks and weapons will be sent to the northern border this morning. This official added that this is not a dispatch of military forces, but only a preparation for the defense of territorial integrity in response to the irregular situation taking place due to Thailand.

Other source claimed that Cambodian troops along the border in Preah Vihear are on alert as it is learned that there are suspicious Thai troop movements.

The changing situation comes at a time when the Thai Yellow Shirts demand that Cambodia remove its flag from Wat Keo Sekha Kiri Svarak, and also when Thai troops are being reinforced in a number of areas.


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