Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The puny and bad rongkhmer bullies the strong, huge and voiceless Royal Government of Cambodia (sic! really!)

Anonymous comments read on KI-Media regarding Anonimity

Comment No. 1:

that makes sense, anonymous bloggers such as here on ki seems to verbally attack cambodia and gov't to dicredit and hurt without thinking twice what is appropriate, what is civilized and so forth. they almost became uninformed, uneducated when they used emotion and anger instead of objective and pragmatic, etc... i agree here.

Typical picture of forced evictions used by KI-Media
in an uninformed and uneducated way to attack Cambodia
and gov't to discredit and hurt without thinking twice
what is appropriate?

Comment No. 2:

a lot of time they inflamed the gov't in cambodia. not fair to gov't there as they have no voice here. i hope the world don't be prejudice against cambodia from reading this blog too much. people are just being people here without and control at all here, really!

The voiceless Hun Xen
The voiceless Hun Xen cursing Abhisit as reported
by The Bangkok Post: Not fair, really?!?!


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