Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Your say Re: Sign in front of Wat Keo Sekha Kiri Svarak

I was wholeheartedly praising our government for replacing the old sign with a new one. Clearly, it was a clever move by our government. The new sign along with its content, in my humble opinion, was perfectly acceptable within the norm of international diplomacy. But before I finished cheering the move, some unthinkable thing happened. The new sign was taken down and destroyed by our own soldiers, presumably under a direct order from the government.

It was emotionally devastating to see a sign bearing Khmer’s pride and dignity being destroyed indiscriminately. It is hard to describe the painful feeling for such destruction, but it is even harder to comprehend the reason behind it. Speaking of the reason, it is highly improbable that Thailand is ready to go to war over its self-proclaimed disputed land. Thai radical groups make all the barking noises only to gain political ground at home. Regrettably, it appears that our government yields to their demand, knowingly or unknowingly at the expense of our pride and dignity.

Davan Long
This is a slap in the face for the Khmer people and nation, all because of the ill leadership of a handful of people.

A sign like this should have been erected with prior due diligence and forethought, knowing the Thais' history of making similar complaints in the past.

The important thing is that once erected, it must remain there, even at the cost of bloodshed and sacrifice. Otherwise, it becomes proof of a fiasco OR a basic sign of weakness on Cambodia's part. And that could only encourage the Thais to bully Cambodia again and again.

School of Vice
That is so disgrace! Why the hell they put that tablet up anyway when they can't take the heat from Thai?

Where are those advisers of HUN SEN that have all the degree to advice HUN SEN??

A threat from Thai military put HUN SEN in the shitty stance?

So disgrace that HUN SEN can only be strong to only unarmed innocent Khmer.

Khmer Sambok Kmom
Why? Because YUON can have a piece of that pie so Thai wants that fair share too.

If Hun Sen be tough on all fronts, the Thai ambition wouldn't happened.

Look at on the east border with YOUN at Kampong Cham province for example. They (Youn) had planned the border mark right near the house of Monkey Heng Samrin and Hun Sen government done nothing to stop them. So Thailand now really wants that 4.6km2.

Mark my words, Hun Sen must request to UN or use the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement to bring them to UN Court again. If not this thing will not solve anything.

Khmer Poipet
Its very embarrassing that Cambodian government is so damn weak and worthless! I agree, why we(Cambodian) bother putting up the stone tablet at the first place? Very soon, Thailand will order Hun Sen to wear short skirt like phnong people in the mountain...What an embarrassment!!

អន់ហើយថោកទាបណាស់ ជើងឈរមិនជាប់ដី។

Khmer have been known to be very passive and weak especially when it comes to the neighboring enemies. throughout history, we continued to destroy ourselve again and again. Not only we prefer to take order from other, but we also value their ideas while disregarding our own well being. Such coward act to remove the sign by Mr. Hun Sen is contrary to his alleged "iron fist" leadership with the poor Khmer people within the pass two decates. When it comes to fearing of loosing power from the enemy threaten, this coward leader is willing to sacrifice his moral by bowing to his enemy without any conviction in his heart.



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