Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Foto Profile Artis Indonesia Nadila Ernesta ( Nadila )

Nadila Ernesta Profile :

Full name: Nadila Ernesta
Nickname: Nadila
Gender: Female
Place & date of birth: Jakarta, February 4, 1988
Zodiac: Aquarius
Education: Elementary Ricci 2 Pondok Aren
SMP Strada Bhakti Utama, Bintaro Pesanggrahan
SMA Ora Et Labora Pondok Indah
Indonesian Fashion Institute of Science

Favorite Beverage: Iced Tea Sweet
Favorite Movie: 50 First Date, Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Ring, Lord of the Rings, Matrix
Hobbies: Reading, watching

Filmografi :

* Miracle “Menantang Maut” (2007)
* Hantu Jembatan Ancol (2008)
* Mau Lagi? (2008)
* Kereta Hantu Manggarai (2008)
* Cintaku Selamanya (2008)
* Hantu Rumah Ampera (2009)

Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta

Nadila Ernesta Biography :

Nadila Ernesta artist born in Jakarta, February 4, 1988 is a cast of Indonesia. Her name in the art world we often see the role when she starred in the film “Inikah Rasanya” in 2004 with a young star at that time include “Alyssa”. Apart from soap operas Aquarius zodiac girl was also penetrated into the world with a wide screen movie starring horror film in 2008 titled “Hantu Jembatan Ancol” and a few other movies.

Her career began when she followed the casting of a soap opera titled “Is It” in 2004. Her interest started on her hobbies that like to shop, because it wants to use her own money to spend then she started to follow her friend’s advice to follow a soap opera casting. It turned out that Nadila Ernesta was passed because before Nadila Ernesta was not sure because many of the other participants qualify for a more beautiful and more sexy from girl.

In the soap opera Nadila Ernesta plays a geeky girl like Betty la Fea, she too must be willing to alter her beautiful face on the bizarre. But everything is done Nadila Ernesta for professional work only. From this soap opera Nadila Ernesta also gaining popularity as an artist. Bids play too many soap operas comes to Nadila Ernesta. Although fame has gotten, but the girls who like reading and watching it instead wanted to work in an office that has a clear business hours. Nadila Ernesta also claimed to prefer to spend time with family, friends and lover.


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