Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boeung Kak Lake residents to hold a 5-day demonstration at the Freedom [Suppression] Park

Sand pumping to drown put houses by the evil Shukaku Inc. Co.
28 Dec 2010
Translated from Khmer by Soch

Residents of the Boeung Kak Lake area plan to hold a 5-day non-violent demonstration in January 2011 to demand that Kep Chuktema, the Phnom Penh city governor, resolve their land issues for them. Mrs. Huot Mutdy, the representative of the more than 150 families in Village No. 20, Srah Chork commune, Daun Penh district, told the Phnom Penh Post on Monday that she sent a letter to the city hall on Monday morning, asking for an authorization to hold a non-violent demonstration at the Freedom Park between 03 and 08 January 2011. Mrs. Huot said that residents of 7 villages will join in this demonstration to demand that Kep Chuktema remove their 15-hectare land plot from the development concession in Boeung Kak and allow the residents to build their houses on the land on their own. The residents also demanded that the Shukaku Inc. company negotiates to provide market value for their land and that it stops the sand pumping to drown out the residents.


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