Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vietnamese authority jailed a Khmer Krom for 3 months for escaping to Thailand

Chau Hen is accused by Vietnam of being a KKF member who demonstrated to demand the libearion of Kampuchea Krom land in 2008 (Photo: http://preynokor.blogspot.com)
Tuesday, 28 December 2010
By Khmerization
Source: RFA

Vietnamese authority has jailed a Khmer Krom man, Chau Hen (pictured), for 3 months after he fled with his family to Thailand in 2008 fearing for his safe when a grenade was thrown at his house after he led a group of Khmer Krom villagers to protest against the confiscation of their lands.

On 17th December, Chau Hen and his family returned home to Vietnam after his application for asylum-seeker was rejected by the UNHCR in Bangkok. Only less than one hour latter, the Vietnamese authority cam to arrest him.

Mrs. Neang Thuon, Chau Hen's wife, said that the Vietnamese authority send her a letter that her husband will be detained for three days from 17-20 December. But then on 20th December, they sent her another letter informing her that he will be detained for another 87 days. She said the Vietnamese authority did not let her see her husband in jail. "They arrested him and now he has not been sentenced yet. They put him in a dark cell and they did not allow me to help him. When I brought a mosquito net, they just let me hand it over to them at the prison gate, they did not let me see him", she said.


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